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Your team has too much work and can't find the time to focus on business growth?

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We help you and your team to use digital automation technologies in alignment with your culture and processes. The digital workforce will help your teams thrive and focus on the most important work, instead of manual & repetitive tasks.

Save time and focus on what matters most

By using automation and artificial intelligence technologies you can gain a few hours back each week. You can then focus more on growing & scaling your business!

Realize the "Future of Work" in your business today with the power of AI & automation

Marketing & Sales Automation

Reach more customers and make more deals by automating marketing & sales processes

Human Resources Automation

Attract new employees faster and support them to be more productive for the company using automation

Back Office Automation

Get more done by streamlining back office processes in finance, accounting, HR, and IT

Customer Service Automation

Keep more existing customers happy by automating customer service processes
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Meet Pouyan

Since 2008, Pouyan R. Fard, the Founder & CEO of Artificial Leap, has been dedicated to helping companies to optimize their business processes and boost their profits with the power of artificial intelligence. Pouyan has worked with 80+ clients worldwide on artificial intelligence and automation projects. His clients range from solopreneurs, startups, and family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Pouyan's consulting method in the development of innovative AI and automation solutions are centered around the needs of businesses and their customers. Every business has a unique customer base and needs, and Pouyan uses his deep understanding of business processes to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address her client's needs.

Besides, Pouyan is passionate about music, traveling, learning about other cultures, listening to audiobooks, and photography.
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Here´s how it works.



We conduct a strategy workshop to understand your requirements. We then create the automation strategy for your business


Given your requirements, we will create your automation blueprint recommending the standard automation tools for your selcted processes


We implement and configure your selected AI & automation solutions. With our proven expertise in AI & automation development, we can build your solutions in a cost-effective way


We provide ongoing support and maintenance for your deployed automation solutions. Using analytics,  we monitor and optimize the performance of the automation agents for your business goals 
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What Clients Say About Us

David Sanft

Founder & CEO @ Seal Deal

Pouyan supported our startup, Seal Deal, as AI & automation advisor. His highly-valued deep experiences in AI solutions with a great understanding of the business aspects of Seal Deal shows his knowledge in both technical and business domains. Bridging the gap between the abstract construct of AI while implementing them in a very complex business context makes him a great AI advisor that I highly recommend to work with when looking for an efficient solution and hands-on approaches.
Kimberly Afonso

Founder & CEO @ KA Consulting Group

Pouyan is an incredibly talented AI expert, and his skills do not end there. He is skilled at digital marketing, analytics, automation, and leading a team. I 100% recommend him as an expert consultant for any firm looking for support. He is professional, data-guided, and results-driven and would be a very asset for any company in the market!
Matthew Mercer

Delivery Manager @ Meta

In our collaboration, Pouyan has shown the utmost professionalism and dedication to the project work, going above and beyond to deliver results to the highest standard. He always demonstrates his ability to look at the bigger picture outside of the project, understanding the broader implications of his work and the commercial impacts. All the while maintaining his integrity and professionalism. Pouyan would be a true asset for any client seeking an expert in artificial intelligence and business acumen.
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Do we have to make changes in our teams?

No, you don't have to fire employees. AI and automation are only there to help humans to be able to focus on the most important tasks by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. In the long run, process automation will make your teams happier and improves their performance. All you need to do is sit back, let the automation run the repetitive tasks, and focus on strategic tasks that only humans can do. With our experience running AI projects, we know how frustrating it is for company teams to integrate innovative AI & automation solutions into their daily routines. With our approach, we not only implement an automation solution but also help you to realize the "Future of Work" with all the freedom that it brings.

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